​​​Happy Hour 

Mon-Fri 7am-6pm

Saturday 7am-10am

​.75 cents off all bottle and can beers

​.75 cents off shutter home wines

1.00 off large pitchers

​.50 cents off all liquor

​Bulleit Whiskey

​​​​Daily Specials

​Sunday 20th 

Now 1/2 lb Burgers

$8.00 for 10 Wings

​4.00 Jim Beam, Red Stag or Apple

​2.50 Rolling Rock

4.00 Absolut & Flavors

  4.00 Stoli

5.00 1800-Gold,Silver & Coconut

4.75 Bulleit Whiskey All Month of August

One of the best bars when you want to get away!

The Hideaway Bar


 ​​ August

 Liquor Special