Dine in &  Take Out

we are more than just a great bar!

The Hideaway Bar


One of the best bars when you want to get away!

 Kitchen Opens at 7 AM and is open to 1 AM Mon - Sat

 Sunday 9 AM to 1 AM
Serving Breakfast Sandwiches and Burritos 7 Days a week
Happy Hour Breakfast pricing from 7AM - 9AM Monday - Saturday & 9AM - 11AM Sunday

Famous Hideaway Burgers
Our 1/2 lb handmade patties are 100%pure ground beef
All Burgers are served with Chips & Dill Pickles
The Hideaway Special Burger .....$8.50
Grilled onions, bacon, A-1 Sauce, melted American cheese, lettuce & tomato
Parmesan Burger .....$7.50
Hamburger topped with Italian Sauce, Parmesan & Provolone cheeses
Swiss Mushroom Burger .....$7.75
Hamburger topped with grilled mushrooms & melted Swiss cheese
Chili Cheeseburger .....$7.75
Hamburger topped with"you guessed it" Homemade Chili & American cheese
Bacon Cheeseburger .....$8.50
Hamburger topped with crispy bacon, American cheese, "all the way" with
lettuce, tomato, onion, Mayo, Mustard & Ketchup.
BBQ Cheeseburger .....$7.50
Hamburger toped with grilled onions,BBQ Sauce, cheese with lettuce & tomato
Plain Old Hamburger .....$7.00
1/2 lb all beef hamburger made "all the way" with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo,
mustard & ketchup
Plain Old Cheeseburger .....$7.50
Same as the hamburger, same fix'ins, plus your choice of cheeses. Choose from
Swill, American, Provolone, or Cheddar

Subs & Sandwiches
All Subs & Sandwiches are served with Chips & Dill Pickles
Turkey Sandwich.....$7.00
Your choice of bread & cheese, lettuce, tomato,onion,mayo & mustard
Hideaway Ham & Cheese.....$7.00
On a bun with chopped onions, tomato slice,rolled smoked ham,& melted Swiss cheese
Roast Beef & Swiss.....$7.00
On Rye bread with Horsey Sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion
Your Old Favorite.....$7.00
Ham or roast beef with your choice of bread, cheese & fix'ins 
Grilled Cheese.....$5.50
Melted American cheese on your choice of grilled bread
Grilled Cheese "all the way".....$7.00
Melted American cheese with bacon & tomato on your choice of grilled bread
Old Favorite B-L-T.....$7.00
W e don't even have to explain this one!
Our Famous Subs.....$8.00
Choose from smoked ham & cheese, roast beef & cheese or turkey & cheese
with your choice of toppings ( turkey is .50 cents more)
Philly Cheese Steak Sub.....$8.75
W ith or without onion
The Hot Marino Sub.....$9.00
Roast beef, ham,salami, Swiss & Provolone cheeses with lettuce, tomato, onion,
banana peppers,mayo, mustard & Italian Dressing
Our Chicken Breast Sandwiches can be prepared the same as our burgers
and are served with Chips & Dill Pickles
Just Good Chicken.....$8.00
Real chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato,onion, mayo & mustard
Chicken Teriyaki.....$8.50
Real chicken breast basted in Teriyaki Sauce with lettuce, tomato & onion

Irresistible Chicken Wings
Once someone orders our wings, EVERYONE wants our Wings!
10  Meaty, Juicy & delicious chicken wings.....$8.50
Your choice of the following flavors:   Original, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, 
BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot & Super Hot
For a 1.50 more.....$10.00
10   Teriyaki  Merlot Chicken Wings
Teriyaki Sauce & Merlot wine creates a sweet & savory combination
10   Blackened Chicken Wings
Seasoned to perfection
10   Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings
That should say it all
10   Garlic Chicken Wings
Once you try garlic, other wings will never be the same

Big 8" All Beef Dogs
Big Dog.....$5.00
Just a plain old large hot dog with your choice of onion, relish, mustard & ketchup
Chili Dog.....$7.00
Same dog topped with homemade chili
Chili Cheese Dog.....$7.50
Same dog topped with homemade chile & shredded Cheddar cheese
Customize your own dog by adding:

Sides & Snacks
Chicken Quesadillas.....$10.00
1 /2 Chicken Quesadilla.....$9.00
Chicken Tenders.....$6.00
Basket of Fries
Small.....$3.50     Large.....$4.00
Chili Cheese Fries.....$7.00
Onion Rings.....$6.00
Tater Tots.....$4.00
Fried  Mushrooms.....$6.00
Cheese Sticks with Marinara Sauce.....$6.00
Deep Fried Banana Pepper Slices.....$5.00
Deep Fried Jalapeno Pepper Slices.....$5.00

Jalapeno Poppers (Cream Cheese).....$6.00
Celery Stick s (6).....$1 .75
Extra Dressing.....$1.50

Potato Salad or Coleslaw.....$1.75

Sub Your Chips for Slaw or Pot Salad....$1.00


Chef, Chicken Caesar or Taco Salad.....$8.00
Just the Veggies & Cheese.....$7.00 

​Salad Dressings

Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian & Ranch